LaCaro is THS Eagle of the Year

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TEMPLETON — The Templeton High School Class of 2017 Eagle of the Year and Theater Arts Award recipient, Ethan LaCaro was honored with both awards at the Evening For The Stars May 31.
Catherine Kingsbury, THS drama instructor, director and manager of the Templeton Performing Arts Center was the first to honor LaCaro with the Theater Arts Award, speaking to his talent with a quote from the late Alan Rickman.
“Actors are agents of change a film a piece of theater, a piece of music or a book can make a difference it can change the world, Ethan you are going to change the world,” Kingsbury said.
Principal Erik Lewis took the stage soon after and named LaCaro the Eagle of the Year.  He explained that the Eagle of the Year Award is chosen by faculty and staff and they purposefully don’t have a rubric for choosing this person.
“Basically we go ‘OK who do you think should be Eagle?’,” Lewis said. “This person has been up here a few times tonight and he does so much for our school in so many different ways. Basically without this student the yearbook would not happen. We already talked about him as he was already given the Theater Award and it is Ethan LaCaro.”
The crowd erupted with applause. Lewis went on to say that LaCaro’s talent is amazing — he does the morning announcements, he comes prepared he always has a smile on his face, is willing to help anybody with anything and more.
“He is just a great young man and I could not be happier to name you Eagle of the Year,” Lewis said. “One of the things that goes with Eagle of the Year is, from now until forever you get into all school events for free.”
Ethan said that he wanted to say one thing as the applause died down for the second time. He asked his fellow classmates if they remembered the third grade talent show and a skit that he performed in. The entire class said, “Yes,” and laughed as he said he never thought he would be doing things like that and thanked his friends for getting him into it and for the support of his family. Going on to say how proud he was to be graduating with this class.
“The class itself is just so tight knit, we have been together since kindergarten it’s amazing and it is an honor to be graduating with you guys so thank you!” LaCaro said.
LaCaro will be attending Cuesta College and majoring in theater arts, history and dabbling in graphic design. He was also honored as Eagle of the Year at the end of graduation, leading his class in the turning of their tassels as they became graduates.

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