Templeton REC Foundation's Second Annual 5K Beer Run at BarrelHouse Brewing Company

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TEMPLETON - On April 22 the Templeton REC Foundation will host its second annual beer run — a fundraiser for the Templeton REC Foundation and Templeton Recreation Department at BarrelHouse Brewing Company, located at 3055 Limestone Way.

While there will be two different courses to choose from — either a 5K or .5K — participants can opt to run or walk either one. Both individual courses will kick off at 10 a.m. with a five ounce taster at the start of the race and then finish off with a celebratory pint of beer after racers cross the finish line.

While many people think of the marathon as the ultimate Holy Grail, 5Ks are in fact actually much more popular. According to exercise physiologist and running coach, Jason Karp, some people are just not suited to run long distances — their natural talents tend to lean toward power and speed as opposed to endurance.

While they are obviously more moderate compared to marathons, 5Ks are also more sustainable. They essentially allow participants to reach overall health and fitness goals by not only minimizing injuries, but also without wrecking complete havoc on their lives doing so. Studies often suggest that moderate mileage, which is typical protocol in a training plan for 5Ks, might provide a better way to get there.

Overall though, running has a long list of health benefits including reductions in overall BMI, improved cholesterol, reduced cancer risk and decreased risk of most diseases.

At the end of the race, participants will be able to enjoy a savory and flavorful beer from a unique, local brewery while also enjoying live music featuring the band Bad Obsession, games and contests. For those runners who pre-register by April 13, admission will also include an event T-shirt and swag bag.

Admission for adults 21 and older costs $40 in advance and $50 on run day, and for non-drinkers costs $30 in advance and $40 on run day.

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