West Side Story

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Class Act Dance receives accreditation

Sutton, who travelled to five different states for adjudications all across the West Coast, chose a piece choreographed by Templeton high schooler Koby Wescom.

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This and That: Favorites to please a summer crowd

When I look at my June calendar I see graduations, weddings, wine festivals, anniversaries, etc., etc, etc. Maybe your calendar is just as full. If so, we’re going to need recipes that are quick and easy and will feed a crowd. Most of those calendar even

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This and That: All About Apples

Isn’t it wonderful to live in this day and age when we can eat almost any of the foods we love almost any time of the year? And now with Farmers Markets so accessible there’s almost no excuse to not eat fresh produce. After I judged in the Idler’s M

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